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UPDATED 5/21/2020

Governor Baker's introduction of the Reopening Massachusetts plan this week started many of us thinking about what the near-term future holds, especially for those who spotted "Youth sports in limited fashion" in Phase 2 and "Youth sports with games and tournaments (limited crowd size)" in Phase 3.

Although we're sure that many of us eagerly await the day when life is back to "the way it used to be," we hope most people understand that very little about the potential resumption of youth sports in 2020 is going to be "the way it used be" yet. Should MYB be able to offer programs in 2020, they would look different in many ways. 

While the state has not yet published guidelines for youth sports to resume activities, Babe Ruth League (our Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken national governing body) has published detailed guidelines for the resumption of baseball activities, and we expect that these guidelines will be largely adopted by the state and/or required for MYB to implement in order to obtain insurance for the season. While the entire plan is publicly available at, these are some examples of the guidelines. We include them here to give everyone a sense of what baseball would be like this year, if we were to be able to play:




- Only two (2) players MAXIMUM in the dugout at one time (even for the batting team), while also following 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times. Remaining players & coaches will be positioned down the left & right field lines (off playing field & outside of fence – if possible) away from throws that might come to 1st and 3rd base. Players will be seated or stand no less than 6’ apart and must have at least one (1) Coach to watch over players in this area at all times. (MYB Note: We would likely implement this with ALL players spaced out down the outside of the left- and right-field fences, with NO players in the dugout. Each player would have a 6-foot section to themselves for equipment, water, etc.)

- Limit the number of fans to one (1) spectator per player attending games in the park. Fans attending games should follow 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times.

- The use of candy, chewing gum and/or sunflower seeds is not permitted by players, coaches, umpires or spectators.

- No handshaking/celebrations: Players and coaches should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.

- Players should limit any sharing of playing equipment, bats, gloves, fielder’s mask, catcher’s gear, helmets, water bottles etc. Baseballs should be cleaned whenever possible and an adequate supply should be on hand.

- All participants should wear some type of face covering while at the park, and especially while at the games. For example, umpires, players, coaches, scorekeepers, etc. If a player chooses to wear additional PPE, they may do so as long as it does not compromise the safety of other players.



- Review cleaning and sanitation of common areas like dugouts, bathrooms, concession stands or similar areas between games or activities. Teams should be advised to clean out and wipe down dugout or other field areas that they were in prior to leaving the playing field.

- Managers & Coaches should help to educate players on the hygiene/handwashing/touching of the face suggested guidelines.

- Have each team keep track and report all of the players, coaches, umpires or spectator’s names that are at the park for each game.


There is a lot to digest here (especially at the full link), and we hope you can take the time to think through these items. The MYB Board understands that a careful reading of these guidelines, and a reflection on what a youth baseball season would mean in their context, will be a significant input into your family's decision regarding youth baseball in 2020. 

Based on that, we are asking all of our families with baseball-age players to complete the following SHORT survey at the link below:


This survey will help us determine how many kids might play  and just as critically, how many adults we can count on to help out  under some possible season start schedules. This will help us make our decisions for the immediate future. It is important to note that, even if MYB does not begin activities as soon as the state and town declare it possible, we may still be able to offer a program later in the year. 

Please complete this survey by 11:59pm on Monday, May 25. Without enough responses to this survey, we will be unable to move forward with potentially opening registration programs.

We appreciate your time taken to complete this survey, and – understanding that there is MUCH that is unknown at this point – would be happy to try to answer any additional questions. There are some anticipated questions asked and answered on our web site at, but you can also email us at (or by replying to this message). Please understand that our goal, at all times, is to be able to provide a baseball program for 2020, if it can be done in a safe manner. We will communicate again when we have updated information for you. Thanks very much, and we hope for your continued health and safety.

The MYB Board

To anticipate and answer (as best as we can) some questions:

1. The guidelines call for not sharing helmets and bats. Would MYB make available these items for each player?
We encourage any of our players who have their own helmets/bats/other equipment (like catcher’s gear) to use them this season. Any player who needs equipment would be provided it, either for the season or on a (sanitized) per-game basis. 

2. If there is a season, would the Shed be open?
We are not going to be able to open the Shed this season.

3. Would the bathrooms at Gatchells be open?
This is a Town decision. 

4. Would there be anything beyond a town season in 2020 (e.g., Districts/Bay State)?
Babe Ruth League's guidance calls for an emphasis on town play in 2020. Ensuring the safety and success of in-town play would be MYB's primary focus. Any additional play would be discussed at a later time.

5. What would the registration fee for 2020 play be? Are scholarships available? What if my player was granted a scholarship already?
We would try as hard as possible to keep the registration fee reasonable, understanding that, as always, some of our families would need a reduced fee. However, we are planning for a game schedule that lassts as long as our typical spring season does. If you were granted a scholarship for the 2020 Spring Season, that scholarship will be applied for any subsequent play in 2020.

6. Will there be an Introductory Clinic this year?
Unknown, but in order to have one, we would need an EXTREMELY low adult-helper-to-participant ratio. Please let us know if you would be willing to help.

7. What about the older players (Raimo and Babe Ruth leagues; 13-15s)?
They would be subject to the same criteria as the rest of our play. We would hope to have our Raimo/Babe Ruth leagues compete with Swampscott teams, as we have done in the past.

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