Marblehead baseball sports program for kids and youth aged 6-15. Formerly Little League, now Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken.

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2018 Season


6/2 Anthony Michaud (Cardinals) - Hits GRAND SLAM to right field in the fifth inning giving the Cards the go-ahead run in their victory over the Braves
5/9 Wells Gillett (Red Sox) - Goes deep onto the Gatchells basketball courts with a 2-run shot off Dodgers pitching
5/8 Scott Campbell (Orioles) - Smashes a towering 2-run shot to right field
5/5 Gabe Mangual (Cardinals) goes yard with a 3-run shot to center on a 3-2 pitch propelling the Cardinals to victory, first Cardinals home run of the season
5/14 Gabe Mangual (Cardinals) - hits a walk-off single to center field in extra innings scoring Anothony Michaud to get the 3-2 win over the Tigers.
5/18 James MacLean (Orioles) - Playing centerfield in a tight game, runs full speed towards the gap in right field, makes a diving superman catch just before the ball hits the ground!


6/9 Drew DePhillips (Yankees) - SCORES 2 with a rainmaker to right in the bottom of the 6th, Yankees advance to Semis
5/11 Teddy Whipple (Rays) - Tags 'em all with an inside the park HR to start the 1st inning
5/7 Billy "Ball Game" Flint (Yankees) - After entering the 6th with a 4 run deficit, Billy crushed a 3-RBI "walk-off" for the win
5/4 Teddy Bracken (Phillies) - Rounds the bases for an inside the park HR to jump start the Phillies season

5/6 Finn Bowen (Phillies) - Shows off his best Willie Mays impression, with an over-the-shoulder, on-the-run, bucket catch in deep right field





2017 Season


4/29/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers): First HR of the 2017 Majors season (1), 3-run bomb to center
4/29/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers): (2) Second of the game, 2-run shot to R-CF
4/30/17 Chase Stafford (Tigers):  2-run blast to deep center (1)
5/1/17 Scott Campbell (Orioles): 3-run bomb onto the baskeball court!
5/7/17 Connor Cronin (Dodgers): 2-run HR (1) into the basketball courts
5/9/17 Nolen Williamson (Orioles): 2 run towering blast over right center field fence
5/10/17 Liam McIlroy (Braves): Deep drive over L-CF fence (1) for 2-run bomb
5/10/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  Towering shot over CF fence (3) for 2-run HR to tie game
5/10/17 Drew Whitman (Tigers):  Deep drive over LF fence (1)
5/12/17 Liam McIlroy (Braves):  Line shot over LF fence (2) for solo shot
5/12/17 Dan Brant (Cardinals):  Deep blast (1) to CF
5/13/17 Chase Stafford (Tigers):  Grand Slam (2) over CF fence to take the lead
5/17/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  Blasts two 3-run HRs (4 and 5)
5/19/17 Drew Whitman (Tigers):  Solo shot (2) to CF
5/20/17 Liam McIlroy (Braves):  2-run shot (3) to LF
5/20/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers): 2-run shot (6) to the RF batting cage
5/20/17 Dillon Rowe (Red Sox):  3-run blast (1) to R-CF
5/21/17 Chase Stafford (Tigers):  3-run shot (3) to deep CF
5/21/17 Craig Michalowski (Dodgers):  Grand slam (1) over the LF fence onto the basketball courts
5/21/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  2-run shot (7) to RF
5/22/17 Andy Palmer (Tigers):  Grand Slam (1) into LF basketball court
5/27/17 Miles O'Neil (Tigers):  Solo shot over LF fence (1)
5/27/17 Chase Stafford (Tigers):  Solo shot to RF (4)
5/27/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  2-run shot (8)
5/29/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  2-run shot (9) deep into the woods
5/29/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  3-run go-ahead HR (10) to break tie game
5/29/17 Damien King (Dodgers):  Back-to-Back Solo Shot (1) into basketball court
6/2/17 Drew Whitman (Tigers): Grand Slam (3) into basketball court
6/2/17 Chase Stafford (Tigers):  Solo Shot (5) into RF Trees
6/3/17 Wells Gillett (Tigers): As a callup to Majors, a blast (1) onto the basketball court
6/3/17 Andy Palmer (Tigers):  Long shot (2) into basketball court
6/7/17 Nick Lemmond (Red Sox):  Line shot over LF fence (1) to take the lead
6/7/17 Chase Stafford (Tigers):  Grand slam (6) to deep CF
6/7/17 Brady Lavender (Dodgers):  Shot (11) onto RF batting cages
6/7/17 Craig Michalowski (Dodgers):  Shot (2) to CF
6/7/17 Dan Brant (Cardinals): Line drive shot to RF (2)



5/8/17 Braves vs. Dodgers:  Two on, one out, late inning tie game.  3B Connor Jalbert snags a line drive, then fires to 1B Luke Elmer to catch the runner off the bag, making a great rally-killing double play to end the inning.

5/8/17 Cardinals vs. Giants:  2B Holt Sedky turns an unassisted Double Play!

5/22/17 Cardinals vs Orioles: Clark Wheeler lines a walk off single to give the O's the victory.



5/3/17 Wells Gillett (Red Sox): 2-run bomb to left-center

5/13/17 Wells Gillett (Red Sox): Line drive that caromed off the bleachers in left

5/29/17 Cameron Quigley (Marlins):  2-run MONSTER blast to the goal post in left center (1)

6/8/17 Brady Selvais (Brewers):  3-run bomb (1) over center field fence


 5/17/17 Greg Motorny (Rays) makes a spectacular diving catch in CF in the 6th inning to help 



5/20/17 Carter Sahagian (Storm):  Grand slam (1) over CF head, circling the bases to beat the throw to the plate 


5/7/17 Timber Rattlers vs. Iron Pigs:  Julius Galante makes back-to-back inning-ending unassisted double plays to quell Timber Rattler rallies!

5/8/17 Rockhounds vs. Timber Rattlers:  Drew DePhillips makes a diving catch in CF to rob the batter of a hit in the first at-bat of the game!

5/8/17 Rockhounds vs. Timber Rattlers:  Riley Selvais dives to snag a foul ball behind 3rd base.  He makes a sensational play despite injuring thumb during the dive!






2016 Season


2016 Home Runs:

4/25/16 Enrique Quinonez (Cardinals): Laser shot (1) to dead center for the first Majors HR of 2016

4/25/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): Bomb (1) into the tree over the flagpole

4/25/16 Brady Lavender (Dodgers): (1)

5/6/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): 3-run line drive (2) into the batting cages in RF

5/6/16 Aiden Ryan (Red Sox): 3-run HR (1) to CF

5/7/16 Eric Boyd (Red Sox): (1)

5/10/16 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): (1) Solo shot to center

5/10/16 Connor Cronin (Dodgers): Towering shot to deep left center field (1) for a two-run homer that tied the game

5/11/16 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): (2) 2 run HR to RF 

5/11/16 Charlie Rice (Tigers): (1) Towering blast to center  

5/11/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): Solo blast (3) to CF

5/11/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): Grand slam (4) over the batting cages in RF

5/13/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): Two-HR night (6)

5/13/16 Enrique Quinonez (Cardinals): Line drive to CF (2)

5/13/16 Dan Brant (Cardinals): Shot to right-center (1)

5/13/16 Liam McIlroy (Braves): HR (1) against Dodgers

5/14/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): (7)

5/18/16 Chase Stafford (Tigers)launched a solo moonshot (1) into the right center deep into the trees.

5/18/16 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): stroked a two run shot (3) into right field.

5/20/16 Charlie Rice (Tigers): 2 Run Moon Shot (2) deep over the batting cages in right field, and then a Grand Slam (3) deep into Center Field

5/20/16 Liam McIlroy (Braves): HR (2) vs. Red Sox

5/20/16 Connor Cronin (Dodgers): Trailing by one, a walk-off two-run HR (2) over the left-center field wall

5/21/16 Charlie Rice (Tigers): Solo Shot (4) into Center Field, and then a 3 Run Bomb (5) into Center, to make FOUR homers in a span of about 18 hours!

5/21/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): Titanic grand slam (8) that lands halfway up the hill in left

5/21/16 Enrique Quinonez (Cardinals): Birthday boy hits a line drive (3) just over the fence in left-center

5/21/16 Kurt Plakans (Giants): Grand slam (1)!

5/31/16 Charlie McGurrin (Braves): HR (1)

6/1/16 Charlie McGurrin (Braves): Two home runs (3), including a massive blast onto the hill!

6/1/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): 2-run HR (9)

6/3/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): 2-run HR and a solo HR (11)

6/3/16 Chase Stafford (Tigers): Pair of HR (3), a 3-run moon shot to CF, and twoering shot to center

6/3/16 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): Also a pair of homers (5), a solo shot and a grand slam

6/4/16 Chase Stafford (Tigers): Bomb (4) deep into the trees

6/6/16 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): Two home runs (7) in the Tigers' first playoff game -- a 3-run stroke over the RF batting cages, and a blast over the LF fence

6/6/16 Connor Cronin (Dodgers): HR (3)

6/10/16 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): 2-run HR to dead center (12)

6/10/16 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): Answered Schuyler's HR with a shot of his own in the next half-inning (8)


2016 Web Gems:

5/14/16: Cody Selvais/Bo Raitto (Cardinals): SS Selvais ranges to his left to make a great stop of a hard-hit grounder up the middle, and 1B Raitto makes a great scoop on the low throw.

5/18/16: Ben Gillis (Tigers): pulls down a towering pop fly in right field to make a key out.

5/18/16: Ian Cody (Tigers): Makes a shoe string grab on 2nd & quick throw to 1st for a double play to end the game.

5/21/16 Drew Annese (Dodgers): With two outs in the first inning, a short fly ball was hit just beyond the infielders.  Drew came from nowhere and made a head first dive to snag the ball in the air to end the inning.  

5/31/16 Liam McIlroy/Drake Wyman (Braves): Catcher Liam Mcilroy and SS Drake Wyman execute a perfect double play on a double steal to preserve a 1 run lead late in the game.


2016 Home Runs:

5/7/16 Riley Schmitt (Cubs): Blast over left center field fence

5/21/16: Kurt Schillinger (Indians)Big K launched a ball to right for a grand slam that tied up the game in the fourth at 11-11.

6/1/16: Scott Campbell (Rays): Scott hit a 2 run HR to dead center in the top of the 6th to add insurance to a tight 1 run game

6/4/16: Scott Campbell (Rays): Scott hit a shot to right center out of the Majors park in the top of the 2nd


2016 Web Gems:

4/30/16 Davi Amidas (Yankees): all out head first dive to catch to end inning with bases loaded

5/9/16 Miles ONeill (Yankees): Playing leftfield, makes on over the shoulder catch long fly ball down the left field line when the wind starts blowing to making  the fielder turn to his right and then back to his left when it stops blowing

5/14/16 Charlie Grenier (Yankees): Playing shortstop - diving over the shoulder catch in short left field to end the inning with the bases loaded

5/16/16 Holt Sedky (White Sox): Playing 1B, makes incredible, diving, over-the-shoulder catch in foul ground

6/4/16 Jake Scogland (Cubs): With the tieing run on 3rd Jake closed out the 6th with a K to secure the win!

6/6/16 Ben Kahn (White Sox): Playing shortstop, makes a diving stop to his left on a hard hit ball up the middle and gets up and throws the runner out at first

2016 Great Games:

4/30/16 Cubs/Angels: Riley Schmitt hits deep drive off right field fence for stand up double.

Jake Scogland leads off the 7th with a clutch double and scored the winning run on Tankryt Tillah game winning single. Angels and Cubs play one extra inning game in under two hours in a great AAA game.



2016 Home Runs:

4/29/16 Stefan Shepard (Muckdogs): Blast to RF (1) that cleared the fence

5/20/16 Stefan Shepard (Muckdogs): Shot to CF (2)

5/23/16 Stefan Shepard (Muckdogs): Two HR (4), including a grand slam over the RF fence!

5/25/16 Ryan Clay (Blue Wahoos): Blast (1) over the LF fence onto the Single-A field

6/8/14 Stefan Shepard (Muckdogs): Shot (5) way over the LF fence.

2016 Web Gems:

5/14/16 James Caeran (Blue Wahoos): 2B made diving stop to his left on a hard one-hopper, then made the throw to first from his knees in time!

5/14/16 Yandel Garcia (Stormchasers): Made a spectacular fully extended diving catch at shortstop with the bases loaded to stop an extra base hit. Coach Newburg says, "Xander Bogaerts would have been proud."

5/16/16 Marty Ryan (Blue Wahoos): 2B ranged to his right to catch a line drive up the middle, then stepped on second for the inning-ending, unassisted double play!

5/16/16 Ryan Finn (Marauders): Pitcher calmly snared a line drive hit right back up the middle


2016 Home Runs:

5/14/16 Adam Loughlin (Bulls): Towering blast over the fence into the AAA field.

5/25/16 Graham Tips (Chihuahuas): Hit a thunderous solo home run into the AAA outfield against the Scrappers.


2016 Web Gems:




Will Shull (Giants): 2 monster blasts on opening day

Charlie Titus (Giants): Towering home run

Will Shull (Giants): Solo bomb (3) to left center!

Sami Loughlin (Tigers): 2 rockets launched to right including a grand slam moon-shot

Wilson Kosnowski (Tigers): Hard-hit line-drive cleared the fence in left center 

Ben Weed (Braves): Bottom of the 5th, towering 3 run home run over the center field fence pushing the Braves to a 6-4 victory over the Giants.

Vince Freddo (Dodgers): Game winning 2 run home run for the win over the Redsox.

Ben Weed (Braves): 2 Run shot (2) over center field fence in the bottom of the 5th to tie the Cardinals.

Charlie Titus (Giants)  2-Run Smash (2) to Leftcenter!! 

        5/11/15  Charlie Titus (Giants):  Crushed 3-run bomb (3) to opposite field vs. Tigers


        5/11/15  Charlie  Titus  (Giants): Opposite field solo power shot (4) vs. Tigers for multi-homer game


5/13/15 Vince Freddo (Dodgers): Solo home run (2) into the baskeetball court against Red Sox in 4th inning.


5/16/15 Vince Freddo (Dodgers): Home run (3) against Cardinals to deep center left in first inning.


5/23/15 Charile Rubin (Braves): Two run line drive HR over the basketball court in left field.


5/23/15 Dylan Saunders (Blue Jays): Hits a towering two run HR over the center field fence against the Dodgers to tie the game 11-11.


5/23/15 Chris Barone (Cardinals): Lead off home run to center field vs. Giants.


5/23/15 Charlie Titus (Giants): Two run home run (5) blasted to flag pole in centerfield vs. Cardinals.


       5/27/15  Charlie Titus  (Giants)  Two Run Home Run (6) to the batting cages in right field vs. Red Sox

        5/27/15  Will Shull (Giants)  Two Run Bomb (4) to center field vs. Red Sox


5/28/15 Declan Ruddloff (Blue Jays): Hits a towering blast over center field fence against the Tigers


6/6/15 James Maniaci (Tigers): Hits a line drive shot over the center field fence


6/6/15 Sami Loughlin (Tigers): Launches one (3) to the roof of the batting cages in right field


6/8/2015 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): 3 run home run to left field


6/8/2015 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): Solo home run (2) to left center


6/8/2015 Schuyler Schmitt (Cardinals): 2 run home run (3) to center field


6/9/15  Charlie Titus (Giants)  Two Run Laser (7) to dead center vs. Cardinals

6/12/15 Charlie Titus (Giants)  Two Run Dinger (8) to straightaway centerfield vs. Jays

6/14/15  Will Shull (Giants)  Three Run Blast (5) to centerfield vs. Tigers

6/14/15 Charlie Titus (Giants)  Solo back-to back shot (9) to centerfield vs. Tigers 


Web Gems:

JT Monahan (Cardinals): Playing pitcher, snags line drive to record final out of game

Corey McCormack (Red Sox): Spectacular diving catch in foul territory

Bjorn Pluss (Cardinals): Running catch in deep left field to double up runner and end inning. 

Nick Moscarelli (Cardinals): sliding catch of ground ball and throw to 1st; tags runner out in a pickle.

5/23/15 Mick Calnan (Giants): Tracks down towering fly ball in left field with two outs in the 4th inning to end Cardinals bases loaded rally.

5/26/15 Alex Brock/Eric Serra (Cardinals): Alex playing shortstop makes a great glove play on a hard hit grounder, steps on second then throws to Eric at first who makes a great catch stretching to his left to make the double play. 

5/31/15 Nick Moscarelli (Cardinals): Playing shortstop makes a sliding grab for a ball hit between shortstop and 3rd to throw the runnder out at 1st. 

6/6/15: Wilson Kaznowski (Tigers): Playing center field, makes a oright-on-the-money throw from center field tget the runner at home   





Home Runs:

Brady Lavender (Rangers): Shot over Center Field Fence!

Liam McIlroy (White Sox): Lead off towering blast cleared the left field fence easily!

Liam McIlroy (White Sox): 5th inning two run HR blast over left center to start a five run rally which helped lead the team to a 8-7 win!

Web Gems:

Matt Corrigan (Cubs): Up one run with two outs and the bases loaded Matt made a diving catch in center field to end the game and secure the win for the Cubs! 

5/23/15 Aden Thang (Pirates): 2B fielded a hard grounder cleanly, tagged runner from 1st and threw to 1st for the 4-3 dble play.

Connor Corrigan (Cubs): Diving catch in CF to preserve a tie in top off the sixth inning. Walk off hit to win the game in the bottom of the 6th!



Home Runs:

Andrew (Crusher) Klein (Iron Birds): 2 run home run-straight away center vs. Rivercats.

5/15/15 Matt Weed(Muck Dawgs): With runners on 1st and 2nd hits a bomb over the center field fence vs. The Express.

5/21/15 Riley Schmitt (Bats): Hits a towering grand slam over the left field fence.

5/22/15 Antonio Fredo (Iron Birds): HUGE blast that landed in the middle of the single A field.

Web Gems:

Brooks Keefe & Cameron Waldman (Blue Claws): Back to back doubles bring Brooks Keefe home against Hot Rods. 

Brady Bethell (Iron Birds): Great catch on the warning track with bases loaded and two outs

Ryan Murphy (Bats): Makes a great glove play at short on a hard hit grounder and throws to Jason Orfaly at second for the force out

5/16/15 Harrison Brock (Bats): On the mound, makes a spectacular, over-the-shoulder catch!

5/16/15 Ryan Clay (Bats): At pitcher, makes a tremendous diving stop to his left on a hard ground ball, gets up and throws for the first out. 

5/16/15 Gabe Manguel (Hot Rods): Bottom of the fifth, 2 outs, bases loaded full count, stays focused and hits a blast into deep center left in a tight game.  

5/23/15 Lucky Norris (Iron Birds): Diving play to snare hard line drive in last inning.

6/6/15 Nick Lemond (Bats): Pitching, makes an all out dive to catch foul ball for 1st out of the inning





Home Runs:



Web Gems:

Whit Smyers: Caught a hard liner at first in the gap with 2 outs and bases loaded in the fifth in a tight game.